We Are Merchant Strong!

Retail Merchants (RMA) is a membership organization that does everything with retailers in mind and has held its members’ best interests at heart since 1906.

RMA champions the success of retailers and related businesses by promoting being loyal to local, using our voice to protect the rights of retailers, and educating and inspiring the retail community through events and programs.

Fairfield’s local Retail Merchants Association is a subsidiary of the Greater Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, so membership with the Chamber includes membership in our Retail Merchants Association.  Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month in the Chamber office. All of our members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Congratulations to ou

Back To School Promotion Winner

     The Fairfield Retail Merchants would like to congratulate Trevor Greifzu on winning their back to school promotion! During the month of June, the Retail Merchants collected school supplies to donate to the Ministerial Alliance Backpack Give Away. Participants were registered to when a laptop computer when they donated supplies. The Retail Merchants would also like to say thank you for all the generous donations.

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Congratulations to our 'BE MINE" Valentine's promotion winners:

  Jessica Wood

Karen Miller

Brenda Rush

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TGIF 2017 Grand Prize Winner

TGIF winner Teresa Angle!

TGIF winner Teresa Angle!

TGIF is a weekly raffle sponsored by the Fairfield Retail Merchants. Every Friday we give away 25 Chamber Bucks live on the WFIW morning show. Except, if the month has 5 Fridays then we give away 100 chamber bucks! And, for the last drawing of the year we give away 200 chamber bucks!!! (just in time for Christmas)

TGIF winners

Kris Parrent, Eldon Doty, Kelli Peddicord, Jeff Heisner

Retail Merchant Meetings are held at 8 a.m. the 1st Tuesday of every Month** 

January 3, 2017 -- February 6, 2017 -- March 7, 2017 -- April 4, 2017 -- May 2, 2017 -- June 6, 2017

July 11. 2017 -- August 1, 2017 -- September 5, 2017 -- October 3, 2017 -- November, 7 2017 -- December 5, 2017

Jan 2, 2018 -- Feb 6, 2018 -- March 6, 2018 -- April 3, 2018 -- May 1, 2018 -- June 5, 2018
July 3, 2018 -- Aug 7, 2018 -- Sept 4, 2018 -- Oct 2, 2018 -- Nov 6, 2018 -- Dec 4, 2018
**Dates are subject to change, meetings set to fall on federal holidays will be held the flowing week. 
***Click on meeting date to view meeting minutes